Funding & Donations

The Levantine Foundation is, currently, in receipt of a second annual grant from the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, in Partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, which allows us to continue to:

• Conserve the Arabic, Coptic, Ethiopic and Syriac manuscripts of Deir al-Surian Monastery

• Provide training and technical support in the preservation, conservation, and curation of ancient and Medieval manuscripts for museum professionals and monastic collections in Egypt.

Although we are grateful for the grants we have received, the work ahead of us is both substantial and exacting. Expressions of sponsorship support are, therefore, always welcome, in addition to offers of donations, both large and small. 

Sponsorship is welcomed for specific items such as those listed below, for which appropriate and appreciative acknowledgement will be made:

  • Conservation of a single manuscript: £3,000 – £20,000
  • Conservation field campaign of three to four weeks duration: £26,000
  • Travel expenses for one conservator: £500


Our current accounts may be viewed by downloading this PDF.

Austrian Academy of Science: