15 September – 8 October 2023

A three-week field campaign which began last Friday, 15 September will focus on the conservation of codices from the Syriac, Arabic and Coptic collection.

The aim of the campaign is to conserve historically important manuscripts outstanding from earlier campaigns. The work is led by Elizabeth Sobczynski, CEO of The Levantine Foundation with Giovanni Pagani, director of Recanati e Restauro, Rome, Italy and the participation of Francois Vinourd, Atelier du Livre, Conservation-Restoration, Avignon, France.

The programme also includes the further development of the skills of monks in conservation, collection care and digital documentation.

Manuscripts undergoing conservation are: Ms. Deir al-Surian, Arab 264 (Pagani), and Ms. Deir al-Surian, Syr. 29 (Vinourd). They are digitally documented before, during and after treatment and data is saved in a database.